Guest Post Submission

If you’re a writer or website owner interested in contributing the, we’d love to discuss what you have in mind. However, we have a set of criteria and guidelines. Please review before sending your pitch in.

Rule #1: Content Must Be Relevant

We’re looking for evergreen content related to food or Korean culture. If you have a different topic in mind, you can still reach out to discuss, but these are our priorities.

Rule #2: Basic Editorial Requirements

Submissions must pass the following editorial requirements:

  1. At least 800 words, formatted with headings
  2. Written in clear English and of quality matching or exceeding that which is already present on the site
  3. Any images must be original photographs, free to use, or you have been given consent to use by the original owner. They also must be at least 1000px wide and attached to your email.
  4. Run your content through a grammar checker prior to submission. We will ignore any posts that require extensive editing or formatting.

Rule #3: Links Must Be Relevant And Useful

Add as many links as you want, as long as they are relevant. Especially link to sources that back up your claims or provide further reading to our audience. We do not accept any links to sites dealing with adult topics, drugs, or gambling. Any links that do not make sense will be stripped from your article, so refrain from stuffing.

Rather than including an author profile, we prefer if you recommend your site naturally in the article.

What Should I Expect Once My Post Is Submitted?

We retain the rights to any guest content that is accepted and published on You must not republish submitted content on other sites, including your own. This can damage SEO efforts for all parties.

We may make minor tweaks to content to ensure it fits well with our website. This may include optimizing titles/headings, fixing grammar, or clarifying things.

While we rarely unpublish content, we do prune old content that is no longer relevant or useful to us and our brand. We guarantee that any posts published will remain live for a minimum of 12 months.

How Do I Get In Touch?

Please email submissions[at] with your suggested topic(s) and information about yourself or the website you are promoting. When composing your email, please include a single sentence in the opening paragraph of your email to acknowledge that you have read and the guidelines listed on this page. Reach out before you write to avoid wasting your time and effort.