Practice Typing in Korean

Learning a language involves mastering a set of skills, not just one. You need to learn to read, write, speak, and listen. Writing itself also involves handwriting and typing. If you truly want to learn Korean, you’ll need to practice typing in Korean too.

We created this page to help you practice Korean typing and learn common words for foods along the way. While typing single words is going to be a bit quicker than sentences you’d use in everyday communication, it’s a great place to start.

Practicing typing while learning Korean is beneficial because you’re using multiple senses to reinforce what you’re learning. To kick things up a notch, we encourage you to also say the words aloud while you type for even more reinforcement.

How to Practice Typing in Korean

Place your cursor in the text field below and take a deep breath. When you’re ready, start typing and the countdown timer will start. You’ll have 60 seconds to type as many words as you can. At first, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You’ll get a review at the end of the test so you can track your WPM and errors.

How are the Korean words from this typing test selected?

Since this is site is dedicated to Korean food, we decided to fill this typing test with common food words in the Korean language. If this page gets enough traffic and interest, we’ll expand this to sentences and more fun. To practice typing in Korean, place your cursor in the text field and start typing. The timer will start and you’ll have one minute to type as many Korean foods as you can.

How many Korean words can you type per minute?

This test to help you practice typing in Korean uses single words rather than sentences, so you should expect to type a bit faster than real-life application. Koreans actually count strokes per minute rather than words. The average strokes per minute for a Korean is between 300-400, although some can reach speeds of 600 strokes per minute.

Why does Korean typing speed matter?

If you’re learning Korean to reach fluency, you’ll likely be communicating with native speakers both in-person and online. Typing fast means you’ll be able to easily keep up with a conversation and free up your mind to figure out what to say rather than typing. Having Korean typing skills also helps you when looking for a job in Korea.