Nongshim Neoguri

You’ve probably heard of Neoguri ramen. It’s a Korean instant noodle that uses udon-like noodles and a spicy seafood broth.

You can add anything fishy to your bowl and enjoy a satisfying bowl of noodle soup. It’s pretty famous as a Korean ramyeon and is now one of the most popular ramen brands in the world.

The thick, chewy noodle is similar to udon but has a subtle spiciness that enhances the seafood flavor.

These noodles absorb the soup’s flavor well and don’t stick together despite their thickness.

When paired with the meaty fish cake, Neoguri ramen is one of the best choices for a comforting bowl of ramen.

So if you’re looking for a new ramen flavor to enjoy, Neoguri is the perfect choice.

Nongshim NeoguriNongshim Neoguri
Another popular Korean ramen from Nonghim is their Chapagetti. It was popularized in Parasite and now goes by the English name Ram-Don in many Korean restaurants across the U.S. when combined with Neoguri and steak.

If you’re a spicy noodle lover, you may even be able to find the triple spicy angry version online. You’ll get the same great seafood flavor, but the spice level has been kicked into overdrive. Prepare a glass of milk and a cloth to wipe your brow before slurping up a bowl full of the 3X Angry Neoguri noodles.

If you’re new to spicy Korean ramen, you can always try a sample of the traditional version before making the decision for yourself.

Neoguri noodles are thick and chewy. You can cook them in a stir-fry dish or just add an egg. Make sure to stir the egg in until it’s set. Cooking the noodles without the egg will take a few minutes. You can add a dash of chili flakes, garlic, or fish flakes if you wish. Any way you prepare it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Neoguri noodles.

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