Nongshim Banana Kick Snack

Nongshim is one of the biggest Korean snack brands, and their Banana Kick snack is one of the most popular options for Koreans of all ages.

I spent a long time living in Korea and frequently grabbed the iconic yellow bag while at the local convenience store to enjoy with my family at home.

Nongshim Banana Kick SnackNongshim Banana Kick Snack
The main ingredient in the Banana Kick snack is corn. The snacks themselves remind me of Cheetos cheese puffs, but banana flavored instead of cheese and a bit more airy.

While that may not sound like something you’d like, I encourage you to give them a try. I was nervous at first, but it was truly love at first bite for me.

The puffs are sweet and melt in your mouth. If you grew up eating banana-flavored candy or cereal without milk, these are the perfect snack for you to enjoy.

One bag is rarely enough, so you can click here to order a pack of four Banana Kick snacks to share with friends and family, or hog them all for yourself!

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